The 1% for Development Fund finances one-off projects with budgets normally in the range of CHF 5 000 to 20 000. It also funds a few multi-project programmes carried out by partner NGOs that have successfully implemented single projects in the past. Volunteers in the Project Evaluation Follow-up (PEF) committee review proposals and make recommendations to the twice-yearly meeting of the General Assembly, which makes the final decision.

Projects and programmes supported by the 1% Fund address many different sectors, including education and training, agriculture, micro and small enterprises, public health, water and sanitation, and others. For example, in Kenya the 1% Fund is assisting children orphaned by AIDS through the Grandmothers Pig Revolving Fund project. In we are promoting sustainable agricultural livelihoods through dairy farming as well a project for educating children by providing families with start-up capital for launching small businesses. In Ghana the Fund is supporting improved access to drinking water and good hygiene. Other examples can be found in the lists below.

A list of projects and programmes approved in July 2020 can be found here.

A list of projects and programmes approved in January 2020 can be found here.